When a child is born into nothing, and watches a mother transform absolutely nothing into something; it can be empowering and a life changing experience.  The firstborn offspring of parents who were sharecroppers in South Carolina , during the latter and most politically charged period of the Civil Rights Movement.  His very young mother abandoned the racist south with a barely two month old child, to start a new life up North with nothing more than a bus ticket and the clothes on their backs.


As a young child Carl Allen took advantage of the only opportunity made available to him, free books and an education.  Hampered by a speech impediment at a very early age he immersed himself in his studies.  His mother, recognizing that he possessed a very gifted mind:  drove and compelled him far past her own understanding even as a small child.


He would go on to work in the music business, complete two successful tours of duty in the military, gain degrees in Biochemistry and Analytical Chemistry, attend Hahnemann School of Medicine, and later settle into a normal life.


Then during the Obama era Carl Allen begin seeing the outward manifestation of the very thing he always knew was lying dormant in our society, not just racism but the actual hate and contempt of people of color.  The reelection of President Obama was the spark which ignited this smoldering bed of racism.  It seemed the days of hiding your prejudice were over, and it appeared as if certain sectors of society perceived they had received a green light to say and do as they pleased.   All of this racial unrest continued for years until it culminated in 2020 George Floyd murder and associated riots.


After looking at the social, cultural, and political landscape it became quite apparent to Carl Allen that an organization needed to be formed.  One that could represent everyone, bringing people together and promoting positive and lasting change.  We at Inc, are asking you to join us in this crusade.  So we as one, we can all rejoice in “Taking something and making it everything, for everybody!”