At StandUpNDoSomething our goal is to establish a global international network of chapters unified in bringing social justice reform, and assistance; to those who or racially and or economically oppressed around the world.

We will support our chapters and members in developing the necessary tools to organize, energize and build a local presence to intervene in violence inflicted on minorities and religious communities by the state, governments and vigilantes.


fight poverty,
police brutality,
help the homeless,
do global humanitarian aid,
advocate for slave reparations,
provide international food relief,
assist in international energy relief,
keeping the dream alive of social justice for all.


StandUpNDoSomething wishes to establish a platform whereby change is initiated from the top down, by intervention at the political and promoting changes in the laws which really are at the root of why various communities are targeted and destined for failure. We want to be a support system for not just one group, but for society as a whole. Improving the life and preserving the culture of underserved communities around the world.

StandUpNDoSomething would like our organizers to reflect all parts of society and walks of life, and provide them with the leadership to intervene and assist first within their own communities, and then throughout the world. We intend to build a presence that will generate international political pressure from underutilized agencies such as the United Nations and The Hague to assist us in applying the political pressure needed to promote lasting changes not only for minorities groups but for those on the fringes of our societies.