Mission Statment

Stand Up N Do Something (SUNDS) is a nonprofit National organization working to advance racial and economic justice with a call to Advocacy.  We mobilize impacted communities to take charge and make changes. Together, we organize for reinvestment in communities, to change policies, to put an end to law enforcement violence, and to redefine public safety as a byproduct of economic opportunity. Together We Make a Better Society. 



When a child is born into nothing, and watches a mother transform absolutely nothing into something; it can be empowering and a life changing experience.  The firstborn offspring of parents who were sharecroppers in South Carolina , during the latter and most politically charged period of the Civil Rights Movement.  His very young mother abandoned the racist south with a barely two-month-old child, to start a new life up North with nothing more than a bus ticket and the clothes on their backs.


“A new President will be selected in the upcoming days”!